YellowBelly Beer have made a Buckfast infused beer and we can’t wait to try it!

Irish brewery YellowBelly Beer have teamed up with electronic band King Kong Company to launch a Buckfast infused beer for festival season. Aptly named Commotion Lotion, this limited edition brew has been built specifically for festivals. It’s been canned at 330ml and is super handy to gigs, festivals, picnics and any outdoor drinking shenanigans you might be getting up to during the summer (as long as the weather holds up!). We haven’t had a chance to try it just yet but we’re told it’s refreshing, packed with fruit and really easy to drink. Oh yeah, and it has Buckfast in it! According to the team behind this new crafty concoction “the lads at Yellowbelly drew on their experience to create the best possible brew and King Kong Company added a healthy dash of feckless abandon.”

Commotion Lotion will be available from Thursday 22nd June, just in time for Body&Soul this weekend. Session on!