From Pole to Pole, Wicklow Wolf take us on a Christmas journey – #FridayFinds

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us now. With an abundance of flashing lights, Santa hats and Michael Bublé soundtracks it’s hard to miss it. But it’s not all bad news. With Christmas comes Christmas themed delights: beer, food, jumpers and the notorious “12 Pubs” that never quite works if you’re a craft beer drinker (12 pints of high ABV has never gone well for anyone!). With that, we decided that the next few #FridayFinds should be merrily themed. So first up – a Christmas special craft beer. After perusing our local off licences, it was surprisingly tough to find one – and a new one at that. However with persistence comes great spoils, and we found the perfect one to review.

This year, Wicklow Wolf‘s Christmas beer concept is to take you from the North to the South Pole in a flavour adventure. Here’s what they’ve got to say for themselves:

“Just how adventurous are you? We’re taking you from pole to pole with these two limited edition brews: Poles Apart North, a robust hoppy porter and Poles Apart South, a white crisp IPA. Explore and discover!”.


We were intrigued! So which one to pick? We decided to go with the Northern bottle. As they said, Poles Apart North is a hoppy, robust porter, and it’s made with northern hemisphere hops. However it wasn’t as hoppy as I expected, only slightly bitter but with more of a rich malt complexity to it. There’s a subtle but distinctive cocoa flavour which comes from the English, Belgian and German dark malts. It wouldn’t be Christmassy though without some unique characteristics that remind you of the holiday: cherries, spice, & fruit with complimentary burnt coffee notes. A touch of sweetness comes from the warm caramel finish too, and that’s thanks to the Candi Sugar that’s thrown in to top it all off.

Overall, Poles Apart North is a Christmas Porter that’s not too in your face, nails the unique additions and most importantly is approachable for all beer drinkers. My granny better keep her mitts off it at the dinner table though!


Wicklow Wolf – Poles Apart North – Profile:

Style: Hoppy Robust Porter

Hops: German Magnum, English Challenger, USA Chinook & Bravo

IBUs: 36

ABV: 6.5%