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We worked with Cooley Oysters to design and develop a brand new, fully responsive website.


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About The Project

We worked with Cooley Oysters to design and develop a brand new, fully responsive brochure website based on the WordPress CMS.

Established in 1984 by the Ferguson family, Cooley Oysters is a family-owned and run oyster farm based in Carlingford, Ireland. They produce a range of high quality, specialist oysters to clients all over the world.

Through their website they wanted to highlight the family-focused nature of their business, the years of knowledge and expertise they have as well as the sustainable, organic and fresh produce they supply. We undertook a photoshoot on their farm to capture the family in action, showcasing the work and process that’s involved as well as the final product of fresh, delicious Irish oysters. We also developed their existing brand identity further to incorporate a colour palette reminiscent of the sea, sand and texture of oysters.

As an export-focused business, a large proportion of their clients are based in China, therefore we integrated translation functionality so that users could easily switch between English and Mandarin text no matter where in the world they were visiting from.

In order to connect further with their customers and show the versatility of their products, we created a dedicated section where customers could learn more about the nutritional value of oysters, as well as try their hand at cooking a number of delicious recipes right at home.

The new website has enabled Cooley Oysters to stand out to international clients as one of Ireland’s leading oyster farms.

“We are delighted with the design of our e-commerce website. Very professionally completed, with beautiful photos which we proudly showcase on all our social media. We could not have picked a better team of professionals and we highly recommend Craft Digital as a top website designer. Thank you, it was a pleasure working with your team!”

– Nadia Ferguson, Owner

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