Woohoo, it’s our 1st birthday!


We can’t believe it. This day (August 25th) one year ago we launched Craft Digital at a little event in The Harbour Bar with some of Ireland’s top brewers, bloggers, chefs and critics. Since then we’ve grown and grown, enjoying every moment of it. From Wicklow produced beers to Myanmar sourced oils, our clients have been some of the best and most unique food and drink  producers in the country. With over 20 clients and 50 projects on our belt to date we’ve worked at creating identities for startups, rebranding established businesses, launching new products, connecting with customers, expanding brand awareness and most importantly increasing sales for Irish companies.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us greatly along the way – friends, family, our clients, our community and even our competitors. Here’s to another year of Craft Digital. This is only the beginning and we’ve so much more planned. Cheers!