The big Galway Bay Brewery treasure hunt!

This Saturday Galway Bay Brewery are hosting a “Galway Bay Treasure” hunt. Within each of the eleven Galway Bay bars, spanning from Galway to Dublin, will be a hidden treasure and within ONE bar will be a hidden Golden Ticket.

Find one of the eleven treasures and you’ll get yourself 5 free pints (you have to use them all on the day though, so grab a few friends and share the love!). If you’re lucky enough to find the Golden Ticket, you’ll win something extra special.

With the Golden Ticket you’ll be given the chance to head out to the brewery in Galway, have a brew day alongside their Head Brewer Will Avery, name the beer you create and then have kegs of it pouring at your local GBB bar! Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Our advice – muscle some clues from the bar managers, keep your eyes peeled on social media and look out for Operations Manager Andrew Byrne.. rumour has it he’s the GBB Willy Wonka and has hiding rights!