Filled for a Fiver: Hiro Noodles – #FridayFinds

Finding a tasty, healthy lunch for a fiver is an increasingly difficult task! Earlier, we put these Hiro Prawn Miso Noodles (€4.99 from SuperValu) to the test.

The soup can be microwaved in 4 minutes and we were pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike a lot of soups, it didn’t leave an overpowering smell in our little kitchen!

On opening the lid, our first reaction was there’s no way this can be 100 calories. We’re not calorie counters – life’s too short – but that’s nothing, it’s the equivalent of a few dry rice cakes, like!

Consisting of good sized helping of noodles in a delicious (and not too salty) miso broth with pak choi and plenty of juicy prawns hiding down the bottom, this is undoubtedly one of the healthiest lunches you’ll find for a fiver and the tastiest, most filling 100 calories you’ll ever consume.

– Fiona

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