Irish alcohol delivery app DropOff has just launched in Dublin. We’ll drink to that!

DropOff, a new on-demand alcohol delivery app, launched in Dublin last week. The concept is simple: beers, wines, spirits and snacks delivered straight to your door. You choose from a full range of what’s on offer at your nearest local off-licence, you pay safely and securely with your credit/debit card and your order is dispatched directly to your doorstep within the hour. What’s the catch? There is none! All prices have zero markup and are at the same price you’d pick them up at in the offo. The only extra you pay is a €5 flat rate delivery charge. Pretty handy!

According to the Irish Times, Irish consumers are now spending over €850,000 an hour online yet 91% of Irish SMEs cannot tap into this market due to a lack of online sales platforms. DropOff is here to fix that for some and allows Irish, independent off-licences operate their store on a free app (Android and Apple iOS) and deliver the orders within an hour.

DropOff CEO, Fiachra Fallon Verbruggen, explains “We’ve developed DropOff specifically for our partner off-licences, rather than simply being a catch all delivery app. It was cost prohibitive for an individual store to develop a ecommerce website, let alone an app, but uniting them all under the DropOff umbrella will allow them to out-convenience the convenience stores and reclaim their market share.”


It all begins in Dublin..

Last week’s soft launch at Higgins Off-Licence Clonskeagh was a huge success and users are now able to browse the shop’s full selection of drinks and snacks, pay securely via their smartphone and have their purchases delivered by an employee of the off-licence in under an hour.

Currently DropOff are running a daily Dublin southside service between 5-10pm from Higgins, however Fiachra says they have plans for the addition of a Northside store from next weekend, and over the the summer this new service will become available throughout Dublin and across the country. Now we’re waiting patiently for a city centre supplier so that we never have to leave the office again!

To find out more about DropOff, visit their website: