Need some Culture (and colour) in your Kitchen? – #FridayFinds

I got a surprise package in the post this week from the lovely Dom and Aoife at Cultured Kitchen – it was a jar of their Kimchi, which I’ve been dying to try for a few months!

Kimchi is a traditional fermented vegetable side dish made from a variety of vegetables which can include cabbage, carrots, cucumber and radish. Fermented and cultured foods have been in the health spotlight recently – they’re full of probiotics which, we know are great for balancing and promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut (lovely), which in turn helps your digestive system, stops you feeling bloated and boosts your immunity.

I already made my own kefir (cultured milk) and preserved lemons, so the thought of fermented food didn’t faze me. Having lived in Japan some years ago, I’d come across kimchi before but wasn’t mad about it.
Cultured Kitchen’s Kimchi is a beautiful bright magenta colour and comes in very cute packaging. When I opened the jar, I was expecting a strong vinegar-y smell but got a nice, refreshing, zesty aroma instead.
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My first bite, again, I was expecting to be quite strong in flavour but it was a really lovely balance of fresh, crunchy cabbage with a refreshingly sour flavour, mild spiciness and a gingery kick which reminded me of Gari (sushi pickled ginger).
My cupboards were pretty barren the day it arrived, so I ended up just eating it with a fork, but I can imagine it’d be great with a wide range of dishes. It has a flavour I’d associate with Asian dishes, but it’s delicate enough that you could pair it with any type of dish. Off the top of my head, I’d imagine it’d be great in a falafel wrap, on top of my favourite homemade aubergine and halloumi burgers, on the side of pretty much any salad or in a quick and easy tuna mayo pitta bread!
Cultured Kitchen’s kimchi is stocked in the following stores: The Hopsack (Rathmines), The Health Store (Dundrum, Rathmines, Bray and Stillorgan), The Happy Pear (Greystones), The Punnet (Glasthule) and Love Nature (Kells).
We’d love to see this product stocked in some big supermarkets, so get onto your local. Really looking forward to seeing what Aoife and Dom create next!