How to reduce ecommerce sales costs: Preventing online returns

How to reduce ecommerce sales costs- Preventing online returns

Prior to the pandemic, there was a visible shift toward digitisation and digitalisation in support of what many are calling the fourth industrial revolution. The use of digital platforms over the course of the pandemic has saved many B2B and in particular B2C businesses from extinction. In 2022, digital is no longer the future, it […]

CASTLE33 is now Craft Digital

We are delighted to announce that we have recently rebranded our agency, designing a visual identity from the ground up and choosing a new name to represent us as we move forward: Craft Digital. In 2015, we launched our sub-brand Craft Digital, which would be the arm of the business that focused solely on the […]

Optimising Content For Your Audience: Baby Boomers vs. Gen Z

Optimising Content For Your Audience- Baby Boomers vs. Generation Z blog

Regardless of your writing skills, there are a lot of factors that affect how content is perceived. While some marketing experts will prioritize search engine optimisation and semantics, the majority of website owners would like to have well-written content. But in order to create quality content, you have to know your audience. Certain articles will […]

5 Tips On How To Promote Your New Podcast


What is the best way of promoting a Podcast? You’ve bought the equipment, the fluffy mic cover, soundproofed the walls with egg cartons and created your masterpiece. But what’re the next steps? Podcasting has become a very simple way of giving a person, company, or brand a voice. Its intimacy is unique and the ability to […]